Selasa, 11 Mei 2010

Time Vs Time

Yesterday .. I came to my office at 10.15 AM, what a day ... there is so trafic and need big effort to came here . Luckily my bos didnt angry with me because i've told her that i will come late .But the problem is about my credibility yeahh i'm being Alternate secretary for the Vice President Director. Owuhhhhh bad impression

Honeslty, its not 100% about trafic . but my life style , not my life style either ..
why. I life with my Hubby famz .. and go to the office with my Sister in Law, cos her husband is in the same office & floor. I wake up in so early morning at 5, Pray Shubuh, take a bath and ready before 6am. and got my own brakfast only about 10mt , and already to go at 6.15 ...

How come i could be late ... cos i wait for Them (My sister in law and Her Huby), turning their life which influence my life too... hiksss

Now, got my home work just to think that my life going normally ... without someone influence.

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